Permitted Work increased could help entrepreneurs with disabilities

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The amount you can earn whilst on Permitted Work has increased from October 2008. Previously a disabled entrepreneur on Permitted Work could earn £88.50 profit without it affecting their benefits. Now the amount has been increase to £92.00 to fall inline with the national minimum wage increase.

This extra £3.50 is only a small rise, but it’s worth remembering that it is profit and not earnings.

Example;- Now, if a disabled person’s business expenses (rent, materials, staff wages) were £100.00, they would be able to earn £192.00 without it affecting their benefits.

If you are disabled and are interested in becoming self employed, contact your Disability Employment Adviser at the Job Centre and see if you are eligible to trade under the Permitted Work rule.

For further information see my article on Permitted work

Thanks to Paul Watson Solicitor in Middlesbrough for supporting us

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