Getting the most out of your grant and loan

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For a disabled entrepreneur grants for starting up in business can be few and far between. Even if grants are coming at you from all angles it’s extremely important to prioritise the items you need and match the item to the funder. For example some granting organisations will not pay for motor vehicles and only grant IT equipment. If you need a business grant for a van then make sure that you are not applying for a website via the only organisation who will give you a grant for a vehicle.

In my other article Looking for grants guide for disabled entrepreneurs I talk about how you should contact as many granting bodies as possible. I would then make a wish list of all the items I need to start up in business and prioritise them with the most important at the top of the list. I would then try and match the item with the grant provider to make sure I had everything covered.

It’s worth asking the business grant provider what they do and do not offer grants for. Not only will it give you a better chance of getting everything you need, but it may also increase your chance of getting the grant, especially if it’s something they usually fund.

In the past organisations such as the Prince’s Trust gave grants and soft loans to fund a vehicle. Your Disability Employment Adviser may have a discretionary grant which was traditionally used to fund clothing for people who did not have the finances to buy something suitable for an interview. Other uses for the grant would be to purchase tools for jobs which required the person to have their own set. Now disabled entrepreneurs are taking advantage of this grant when they start up in business, suing it to fund specialised safety clothing required for their new business. By matching the item to the grant, you can increase your chance of getting what you want.

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