What to do with all those fliers

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When you decide to use flyers in an advertising campaign, you have two potential major problems;-

1. The flyers not being seen by your target audience.

2. The time it takes to distribute them yourself.

If you hand out your flyers to members of the general public, on average 99.5% of them will not be acted upon. This means for every 200 you hand out, you might get one response. It’s far better to target members of the general public who are likely to use your services.

For this example, I will use a gardener. The first thing he must do is think about his target audience. They are people who for whatever reason, do not want or are not able to do the garden themselves and who can afford to pay someone to do this task for them. There should be a list of these potential client types in the gardener’s business plan. It might be a good exercise for the gardener to make a list of these people and where they are likely to see his flyers.

Affluent and elderly

Not able to do the garden themselves.

Private bungalows in affluent area/flyer in letterbox, local shops in affluent area/flyer in shops, garden centres, old peoples clubs/centres.

I would do this for the rest of the target audience and think about where they are likely to see your flyer. This way you will increase your chances of people acting on the flyer, instead of just throwing it away. The other problem the gardener may have is the time it takes to distribute them. Maybe he could have some sort of referral scheme. On the flyer you could have a blank box where you could place a code on a sticker. The flyer would say “For this limited offer, quote this code for a 10% discount”.

Each code would relate to a particular friend or family member. The idea is that you get a quantity of flyers and some small sticky labels with a code printed on them, which is unique to that friend/family member. They will stick their sticker bearing the code in the blank box next to “For this limited offer, quote xxx for a 10% discount”. They will distribute the flyers for you and when you get a phone call quoting the code, you give the friend/family member an agreed fixed fee or a percentage of the sale.

To do this there has to be some form of trust involved, but it will encourage people to distribute the flyers for you. Perhaps you could keep a record of the number of flyers given to the person, the date given, the number of enquiries generated as a result and when the person asks for their next batch. This would give you a rough idea of how many have been delivered by the person.

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