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Recommended Jobs for Disabled Person

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The Top Recommended Jobs for Disabled Persons

The severity of jobless disabled persons has been quite high ever since, and as much as the disabled people find ways to keep themselves productive and somehow extend help to their families too or to themselves alone at the least, they suddenly stop along the way. This may be due to many factors that affect them not only on the physical challenges they face but as well as to the impact of the social environment they work in in the psychological and emotional well-being. Hence this article is dedicated to giving you the Top Choices of recommended jobs for a disabled person that somehow gives you the idea of how to address the concern of being jobless among people with disabilities.

Accountant or Auditor

                Accountants and auditors are professionals that mostly work for large-scale firms. Their main job has to do with analyzing and examining financial records. Prerequisites include a Bachelor’s Degree in related field and must have strong math and finance skills. Being an Accountant or an Auditor as a profession of choice for disabled people is projected to rise by 11% by the year 2024 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

                A firm’s Accountant or Auditor on the average is expected to earn around $67K per annum. With this, a disabled person working in this field will be able to sustain his/her own medical needs as well as being able to support or extend help for the whole family’s daily needs. Persons with disabilities that can handle these jobs, provided having the prerequisites may include those who have physical disabilities such as those with amputations, impaired hearing, and other disabilities that are considered non-cognitive.

IT Professional

                An IT Professional is someone who is doing a job that involves the management and support of computer-related aspects of every company. This may be related to hardware and network developments and maintenance.  If you ever happen to be a computer whiz, then this type of job is a perfect fit for you, or you can even turn your skills on this aspect to become a self-employed entrepreneur as you work in the comfort of your own home. IT-related jobs are estimated to grow by around 12% in the year 2024 as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

                There are wide selections of IT-related jobs that you can choose from in this field that may include web design and development, business apps, system programming, and a whole lot more. Technology is playing a big role in all business developments and the demand for IT professionals is obviously pretty high and this job is undeniably getting even more in demand all over the world. On average, an IT professional or specialist is estimated to earn around $52K per annum or a rough estimate of $24/hour. Deafness, blindness, and other disabilities that do not affect the use of the computer can have this kind of job as their best choice.

Business Management Consultant

                Business Management Consultancy is one of the services that almost every business owners avail to make sure that their investments and capitalization will not be put to waste. This job includes giving insights, advice, and more of a business platform that will help in building the very foundation of a business. And since the need for products and services involving disabled persons is increasing, many businesses are looking for ideas and a different perspective to addressing all these needs, which can be best provided by a disabled person who has a strong background in business administration and management. An estimate of a 12% increase in the demand for this kind of job for disabled people is expected by the year 2024 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as they continue to look for more ways to diversify this matter.

                Being a Business Management Consultant focuses on jobs that develop solutions for customer satisfaction, this may include the management strategy on customer relations, sales and marketing, and product ideation and development. On average this profession earns an estimate of $80K in a year or at least around $39/hour.

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

                Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives work for pharmaceutical companies that are developing a broad selection of carefully studied and formulated health products and carefully engineered and design medical devices that healthcare professionals may use and recommend in the treatment of their patient’s diseases. They are the ones on the front line to introduce these products to medical and healthcare practitioners and as well as in medical institutions like hospitals and private health clinics of Doctors in different specialty fields. Deaf can be a great Sales Representative for hearing aide devices that will focus on Ear Doctors or Practitioners as the main target customers.

                The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects that demands for this field of jobs for disabled persons will increase by up to 7% by the year 2024. Being a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative is estimated to earn around $60K in year or around $28/hour. The good thing being in the sales is the commissions and incentives that come along for bringing in a high sales volume on top of the basic salary offered. Most big pharmaceutical companies surely have this kind of incentive and benefits, it may vary depending on what company, but surely, this field of job is pretty much full of perks and bonuses for performance that goes way beyond what is expected.

Vocational Counselor or Teachers

                To teach is a noble job and this gives you the opportunity to inspire other people to pursue their dreams by being the living example to them that no disability can stop you from attaining their goals and aspirations in life. There are so many subjects that a disabled person working in this field can teach. As a prerequisite, most professionals on this kind of jobs for disabled persons have a master’s degree on the subject they specialize, but at the least, a Bachelor’s degree with intensive training will be enough so you can be qualified to teach in a school, a training facility, or even online.

                This kind of profession is estimated to be earning around $55k per year. And the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics expects this kind of job to increase by 19% by 2024.

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