Access to Work

Is my business viable? Will I qualify for Access to Work? A strong business plan will help

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One of the conditions of a successful self employment application to Access to Work is that the business is viable .i.e. likely to succeed. Many disabled entrepreneurs starting up new businesses have difficulty in proving how profitable their business will be, as they only have a business plan, which is partly theoretical.

The problem Access to Work have is that it is difficult for them to determine if a business is viable when they don’t have any business advisers to judge it. Let’s not forget, some Access to Work applications run into several thousands of pounds. For Access to Work not to waste tax payers money, they must be sure the grant will be put to best use.

One way to help Access to Work is to inform them of other organisations you are working with to produce your business plan. It’s a good idea when starting a business to work with lots of organisations, as not only they can give you advice, they may also have a start up grant available.

Working with many organisations and securing grants from them will give a lot of strength to your business plan and help to prove that your business will have a good chance of success. The more qualified people you can get on board the better and if they are financially backing you, it will be further proof of your business’ viability.

Another way to prove viability is to get letters of support from business support organisations such as Business Link. These, combined with an endorsed business plan, will give your business idea credibility and may convince Access to Work that your business is viable.

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