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Disability and Impairment Is not a Barrier to Be Successful

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There is More Powerful than your Disability and Impairment!

                Life with disability and Impairment can be full of difficulties that at times you would just break down and give up on everything. We all tend to ignore our health until you have no more strength left to live the life that you deserve. In the end, you develop an obsession over what’s been lost, but while you can’t bring back the time when you are healthier or wish away your limitations, there is much that you can do with your outlook and perception to cope up with disability and impairment. You are still in control of your life, no matter your disability, it’s entirely possible to win over the challenges you face and enjoy a satisfied and fulfilling life.

                Most of us expect and want to live long and healthy lives, and when you got hit by a disabling injury or illness, it is inevitable to develop a range of unsettling emotions, anxiety, fears, and depression. You may wonder and start to question so many things in your life such as your work, your relationship, your self-worth and even your happiness alone. Living a life with disability and impairment may not be that easy, and it must not as well be considered a tragedy. And you are not alone in this fight. Millions of people have been in your situation and took the same road of hardships as yours, and they were not just able to survive but succeeded and admired. You too can do this!

                Today, according to the first-ever world report on disability by the World Health Organization and the World Bank, there are more than a billion disabled persons in the world. Generally, people with disabilities are reported to have poorer health, lack education and lower academic achievements, fewer economic activities, and they have a high rate of poverty. All of these characterizations about the condition of disabled people are correlated and are rooted by the lack of services that are made available to them with all the daily obstacles they face each day of their life. The report provides the best available evidence about what works to overcome barriers to health care, rehabilitation, education, employment, and support services, and to create the environments which will enable people with disabilities to flourish. The report ends with a concrete set of recommended actions for governments and their partners.

                And though the government and many international institutions or associations are developing these kinds of programs for your benefit, if you will not take advantage and make use of it, then all the efforts done will be put to waste. See, there are many ways for you to get up and fulfill your dreams despite your condition, and it’s never really too late to move forward and get out of your crib to taste the wonders of what more life has to offer you.

                Yes, you are more powerful than your disability and impairment! And here are some suggestions that may help you in taking up and succeeding in this challenge.

  1. Accept Your Disability

Acceptance is always regarded to be the key so that one could finally move on from the pain of the past. It is but normal to grieve and feel a raging emotion of sadness, guilt, anger, and all sorts. Denying yourself of all these will only prolong your agony, so take your time and be strong to face these roller coasters of emotions that come along. Be true to yourself, and be vocal of how you truly feel, this will also help not only you but your family as well, as they become aware of what you truly need. Then let go of the past and live with the present.

  1. Don’t Dwell on What You Can No Longer Do And Take Advantage of What You Can Do!

Spending lots of time thinking about the things your disability has taken from you is a surefire recipe for depression. Mourn the losses, and then move on. Focus on what you can do and what you hope to do in the future. This gives you something to look forward to. While you may not be able to change your disability, you can reduce its impact on your daily life by seeking out and embracing whatever adaptive technologies and tools are available. If you need a device such as a prosthetic, a white cane, or a wheelchair to make your life easier, then use it. Try to let go of any embarrassment or fear of stigma. You are not defined by the aids you use. That’s why it’s important to find new things that make you feel good about yourself, things that give you a renewed sense of meaning and purpose such as volunteering and help motivate other people with disability, nurture and care for pets, or the environment and the like.

  1. Familiarize Your Self with Your Disability

There is no better way to maximize your potential and do the things you want to do by understanding your own disability. This does not only keep you away from further injuries, but it can also help you plan activities that you are able to perform. Knowing what’s going on with your body and what to expect will help you prepare yourself and adjust more quickly. Learning your own disability is one way for you to be motivated to acquire more knowledge and skills that you can use to create and work with your livelihood and do more meaningful things for you, your family, and your community.

  1. Be Your Own Advocate for the Best Version of You

You are your own best advocate as you negotiate the challenges of life with a disability, including at work and in the healthcare system. Knowledge is power, so educate yourself about your rights and the resources available to you. As you take charge, you’ll also start to feel less helpless and more empowered. It goes without saying that your disability has already changed your life in big ways. It doesn’t help to live in denial about that. You’ve got limitations that make things more difficult. But with commitment, creativity, and a willingness to do things differently, you can reduce the impact your disability has on your life.

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