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Business awards. No losers, only winners – The benefits to an entrepreneur

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Business awards are organized by various national and local organisations to honour and recognize the achievements of businesses and the people behind them.

Have you overlooked awards as a marketing tool to promote your business? If you haven’t considered putting your business forward for award nomination you may be missing a trick.

Entering an award usually requires a brief essay and description of your business, some contests may require financial records.

Even if you don’t win, there are benefits to be gained by being a finalist. Here are our top reasons to enter:

1. Entering an award as part of a marketing strategy is an untapped marketing tool by small business owners.

2. An award win or nomination often acts as a 3rd party endorsement, added credibility which can be very powerful within your business.

3. Award success presents a great story for all types of the media.
Many award organisers actively arrange press coverage on your behalf, opening up your business to new audiences.

4. Attract Talent to your business. Smart employees want to work for the best.

5. Differentiate your business from your competitors.

6. Most awards cost nothing to enter.

7. The application process provides an opportunity to reflect on your successes. Often you will be so busy working on your business that you forget to stop and consider your strengths, areas for improvement and the direction you want your business to head.

8. It can position you as an expert in your field which in turn brings future work and on-going PR opportunities.

9. An opportunity to network your business at an all expenses paid ceremony.

10. Potential prize money!

Have you entered or won any awards lately? Please comment below

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