Albert Thomson wins Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year at Radar’s People of the Year awards

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Albert Thomson was awarded Disabled Entrepreneur of the Year at Radar’s People of the Year awards.

The People of the Year Awards are a pan-disability event celebrating the achievements of individuals and organisations, who together are making the UK a better place for all.

Albert formed Action Amps in 2005 after becoming severely injured, which resulted in the loss of his left leg above knee, while serving in action. He left the Army as a Colour Sergeant in October 2005 having served 18 years.

Albert used his recovery time in hospital contemplating how he could turn this life-changing negative impact on his life into a positive. He was aware that without the quick-thinking and level-headedness of the Army medics and doctors, who were first on the scene, following the horrific injuries he sustained, he would not be here today.

This knowledge transpired into an idea to use amputees in military training scenarios, to give the “shock factor” to training medics and medical and rescue services.

Albert’s motivation is that despite the set-back of losing a body part, he wants to prove that amputees can still play an essential part in helping to train medical and rescue services.

Action Amps is a business with a very definite unique selling point (USP), this combined with his absolute commitment to the company impressed the high profile judges.

Following the award Albert said, “disabled people are probably better qualified to start and run their own business, having already overcome, or able to deal with their disability within their normal day-to-day living. Starting a business may seem daunting, but when you are doing something that you really enjoy, it couldn’t be easier. You put in as much, or as little, time as you can manage, but will probably find a drive and determination you never knew you had. It is fulfilling and satisfying and I would recommend it.”

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