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  • Adrian Howgate:

    Test Trading
    The Test Trading Scheme looks like just what I need right now however no one seems to be able co confirm its existence.  
    I have called the DWP twice and they said that they would call me back and never did.
    I have visited my job centre and spoken to the disability adviser who knows nothing about it but could look into it if I gave hime more information which I cant obtain.
    I have sent two emails to the Euro Fund who display a page on their website noting Test Trading but have had no response from them at all (2 months ago)
    Any idea who I can talk to to find out if the Test Trading scheme really exists or not?
    Any info please would be of grate help
    Kind regards

  • Mike:

    Hello – Sorry to hear that you can’t get a response. You are asking all the right people, however it is unlikely the scheme still exists. There is a new scheme call New Deal Enterprise Allowance you maybe eligible for. Here is a link to the website

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