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  • mohammad yusaf:

    I am planning on opening my own law firm but i need a little bit of financial help like a grant to help me cover my rent.
    Any help or advice?

  • Dear Sirs, My disability was caused by a Head injury after a motorway incident, I have allways had an artisic interest and at present am working for Interserve Defence as a computer clerk and administrator.
    I would like to go into running my own business but have no financial backing and have a family/home Is there any support available to start up a cafe eg shop layout lease support and help with getting a business of the ground and helping to create a susstainable self supporting business ?
    because i have tried to make a link into the art market by building my own web-site i would also like to display my prints/cards/books for sale in this cafe so it would become a Cafe/Gallery/Art shop.

  • Mike:

    Hi Jeremy

    There is very little money for business start up at the moment, you will be luck to get £1000. You might have to scale down your business idea (maybe start with a sandwich round and build up to a cafe)

  • Mike:

    There is very little money at the moment for business start up. I would work from home (if allowed) and hire a room to conduct interviews

  • sarah:

    hi, my name is Sarah. i am a graduate  with disabilities. hearing impaired and partially blind.i managed to complete my degree in designing but have not found a job, finally i have planned to set up my own business where i will also offer work and work placement to other people who are in the same situation as my self. please guide me and tell me whats the best way to find grant

  • viva:

    i am on disability. am a mother of 3. 1 lives with me. i want to start a business where i can help put others on disability to work. i know alot of people looking to do roofing and construction and others who could do the paperwork and bidding jobs. is there any grants out there to help me get started. wouldnt take too much. we already have all the tools.

  • Mike:

    Hi Sarah – Your idea sounds like a social enterprise to me which could attract other types of funding. Have you investigated social enterprise to see if there are any funding opportunities?

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