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disabled person getting the most from a grantWhen starting a new business most people will need some sort of capital to pay for things like, advertising, equipment and stock. They will either finance it themselves by using savings, borrowing it from family or through personal/business loans. My favourite way is through grants, simply because if things don’t work out you don’t have to pay them back.

When starting your business and looking for grants you must remember one thing. The vast majority of grants available are for business start up. After you start up in business there is virtually no financial support available. A lot of disabled entrepreneurs I work with have trouble with this concept. They write their business plan, list the items they need and look for the grants to buy them. Once they have matched the grants to the equipment they need, they stop looking.

This is a big mistake, pre-business start up gives you the greatest chance of getting your hands on some free money. Many entrepreneurs don’t look ahead and think about the things they might need in the future. A year down the line they might want a website, PC or newspaper advertising. These are all expenses they will now have to fund themselves which will come out of their profits. If they thought about how their business might develop they could have put a grant application in for these items and got them when they started up.

So, before making that leap into self employment make sure that you have fully exhausted any grants available, because once you start your business, you might find that financially, you are on your own.

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  • michelle ansley:

    i am currently enrolled as a cosmetology student and I am recieving full disability benefits. I am interested in finding help to start my own salon. Where do I start?

  • Hello I would like to start up busianess but i like to know more about the grant the can give me I hope to hear from you
    thank you

  • We want to support a group of adults with learning difficulties to start a chicken and egg business.
    We have a small holding and this opportunity would give people who would not normally get the chance to do something as important as running there own business.

    We have a detailed business plan and need support and guidence to get the opportunty to see this business flourish.

  • i would like this loan for beds for cooker pillows table chairs
    cofe table for living room

  • stephen france:

    hi my name is stephen james france i have just recently finished a painting and decorating course and would now like to start my own business i have tried too get loans from banks too start up but have not had any succses because i am on benifits as i suffer from pyscosis which is a mental illness but have been well for about 2 years so would really like to work and own my own business and i am really determind too make a better life for me and my family i have decorated my own house.

    I have been determined for a very long time but my illness has helf me back in the past, all my CPN and people around me feel this is a good thing to head towards and are very confident in my abilities to have my own painting and decorating business.

    I am just needing the opportunity to come along so i can kick start my business into up and running mode and have a successful business of my own.

    Thank you for taking the time to reading my application.



  • Jon:

    Hi Steven

    We don’t give grants, just advice on how to get them. I have loads more posts on how to get grants, have you read them?

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