Any business can tender for 2012 Olympic contracts

running shoesThe Competefor website is the idea way for small and medium sizes businesses across the country to register interest in the 2012 Olympic tenders, these smaller contract opportunities can range from on site catering to training of staff for the Olympics and Para-Olympics and it’s FREE.

How does it work?
You can register on–line in about 1-2 hours always remember to answer all of the questions even if your answer is no to a specific question. Your answers will then be allocated a score that’s why it important to fill in every question. Then your registration and score will be held on- line, larger contractors will be able to see your company score and the field you work in for example Catering.

How will this help me?
Because larger companies will pick people to tender for their work based on their on-line score, not on the size or location of your company. Hopefully this will mean a large portion of the contracts being award to small or medium size companies

Compete For…
Maximizing involvement throughout the supply chain
75,000 + opportunities
Engaging large and small companies
Visibility and access to all
Delivering best value for money

CompeteFor – giving businesses unique access to London 2012 opportunities…

What is CompeteFor?
Games Related Opportunities
Buyer Activity Centre
Supplier Activity Centre

To contact the CompeteFor Helpdesk, call:

0845 2177804 for UK Callers
18001 08452177804 for callers with impaired hearing

Buyer and Supplier registration
Advertisement of opportunities
Online “Dating Agency”
Across the whole supply chain
“Business readiness” assessment to improve competitive position (Local & Business link Support)
Not a purchasing or e-tendering tool


3 Responses to “Any business can tender for 2012 Olympic contracts”

  • Jon:

    Nice article, I did not think a small business like mine would be able to compete against the “Big Boys” I’ll submit an application and let you know how I get on.

  • This is very true, if the disabled know how! I would suggest that (Disability Groups) form a consortium – before the tenders are rolled out.

    This would give them a fighting equal opportunity of success –

    The providers would see that they are seriously inclined and want to be successful,

    They would be in a better position to comply with all requirements –

    They would have one single – but very focused voice,

    Their presence would not be ignored – or taken for granted.

    Best regards

    Lloyd Sewell

  • I wish to submit a tender to Supply Spit Roast Pig and other Meats at the 2012 Olympics. Please advise me of the procedure.

    Thanks You

    Martin Cooke
    The Crackling Pig Ltd

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